Third Party Due Diligence

In a rapidly globalizing business environment, it becomes necessary to involve third-parties (Vendors/Suppliers/Distributors/Channel partners and others) to expand as well as bring efficiency. From Fortune 500 to small cap, everyone looks forward to move ahead while stabilizing the current value chains globally and locally. But, what about the risk that we are exposing our business to, by involving these third parties? They not only have access to company information, assets and several other critical matters, but also fall under the purview of U.S. Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA), the U.K. Bribery Act and many other anti- bribery laws. Any failure in compliance with these laws by the third party will not only cost us hefty penalties but also adversely affect the business and it's reputation.

At CCL, the experienced professionals not only helps you to proactively define the risk associated with involving a third party but also assist in investigating the allegations and suspected patterns. We take a customized approach considering several factors which includes but not limited to:

A) Interaction levels of third parties with government officials,
B) Geography of third parties (from sanctioned countries to developed ones),
C) Any legal proceedings or allegations related to ethics and integrity of the third party.

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