Integrity Due Diligence

A merger, acquisition, partnership or other significant transaction requires careful thought. A robust due diligence can make the difference between a successful investment and a financial and / or reputational loss. A deep background check on a target company’s key stakeholders and reputation is indispensable.

CCL can help uncover key intelligence information to help your company walk into a new proposition with confidence. CCL uses its extensive global network of trusted sources to provide insight into areas that can impact the deal such as;

- Political context
- Potential regulatory hurdles
- Potential threats
- Hidden liabilities

Our integrity due diligence process encompasses a review corporate registration materials, legal and regulatory filings, government watchlists as well as information in the public domain. Additionally, trusted sources such as business analysts with sector and industry specialization, journalists, people familiar with regulatory and law enforcement aspects of the business are engaged to provide incisive intelligence.

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