India Investments - Brighter Story Gaining Traction

As we are moving towards another year amid concerns of a third wave of pandemic, which can have a serious impact on businesses and overall growth of economy, India’s investment landscape seems to have ebbed away any such concerns.

We have tried to put up a brief analysis of diverse sector along with Indian economy, will be glad to hear your opinion

COVID 19 - Call for Global Metamorphosis?

“One repays a teacher badly if one always remains nothing but a pupil.” ― Friedrich Nietzsche

As nations contemplate efforts to minimise the impacts of the pandemic such as bailing out bleeding industry sectors, a key question remains. "Are we going to choose to remain a pupil until another catastrophe strikes or will we be bold enough to call for a metamorphosis and thereby repay adequately the teacher that COVID-19 has turned out to be?"

Edits in Startup ecosystem: COVID19 effects

It is a widely known fact that the novel Coronavirus has not left any country or organization (small or large) unaffected. Needless to say, its financial impact has left companies across economies and industries high and dry. Start-ups will undergo tougher times as compared with large corporations blessed with higher cash reserves, multiple lines of credit along with additional sources of funds.